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It is reported that Apple’s iPhone 15 series is the first to launch Qi2 wireless charging, canceling MFi restrictions, up to 15W



IT House News on May 26th, in a report released by Charging Head Network on May 23rd, it stated that Apple released this fall. iPhone 15 The series will open 15W wireless fast charging. In a report published today by its sister site, ChargerLAB,Shared more details.

iphone The wireless charging power is divided into 7.5W and 15Wonly when the integratedApple official MagSafe moduleproducts to provide 15W wireless charging. On the basis of Apple’s existing MFi, it also launched and promoted the “MFM” accessory certification system, which strictly restricts MagSafe accessories.

Apple will support both Qi2 and MagSafe wireless charging protocols in the iPhone 15 series,And recommend Qi2 as a compatible wireless charging technology for iPhone.

The media learned from supply chain channels that the wholesale price of Apple’s MagSafe module is about $16(IT House Note: The current price is about RMB 113), thus pushing up the cost and selling price of accessories.

Quotation for the new Qi2 wireless charging moduleLess than a third of Apple’s MagSafe moduleand the manufacturer alsoMFi membership not required. This means that there will be more manufacturers for the iPhone Introducing cheaper, faster wireless charging accessories.

All iPhones that support wireless charging are compatible with the Qi2 standard, but Apple has not yet announced the specific speed.But it is certain that it will be faster than the current 7.5W.

Not just Apple devices,androidMobile phones can also use this technology to accelerate the popularity of wireless charging.

ChargerLAB also stated that the Qi2 standard will have the following highlights:

  • Added on-chip authentication. In addition to the main controller, the transmitter (TX) also needs to be equipped with a dedicated authentication chip.

  • It needs to pass the Qi2 MPP test to achieve 15W wireless fast charging.

  • Qi2 compliance testing requires the purchase of new test equipment.

ChargerLAB also found that Apple was included in the reportNewly announced WPC Direction Committeewhich shows its importance in promoting the Qi2 standard.

This also marks that Apple’s accessory ecosystem may be more open in the future. ChargerLAB believes that the reason why Apple is pushing Qi2 is that it is different from the MFi standardboth Qi2 and PD were initiated by the industry alliance led by Appleis widely used by Apple and has gradually become an industry standard.

The wireless charging industry, including main control chips, MOSFETs, MLCCs, charging coils, magnets, ferrite sheets, laboratories, factories, brand owners and distributors, will also benefit from it.

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