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It is claimed that the data set used to train generative AI such as ChatGPT uses copyright content, and multiple publishers jointly demand compensation



IT House News on March 25th, the rise of chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard is based on huge data sets. And there are a lot of copyrighted content from major publishers in these data sets, for which many publishers have joined forces,We hope to promote relevant laws and regulations and demand protection of our legitimate rights and interests.

According to the Wall Street Journal, multiple publishers have been investigating data sets used to train artificial intelligence for evidence of copyrighted content in those data sets. IT House learned from reports that these publishers have formed an alliance, hoping to put pressure on these companies that develop generative AI through the News Media Alliance, a publishing trade alliance, to demand adequate compensation and remuneration.

Danielle Coffey (Danielle Coffey), executive of News Media Alliance, said: “This valuable content is under corresponding copyright protection, and this content is continuously used to generate income for others, and we must be compensated.”

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