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[IT Home Unboxing]Mystery Star game book tour: Mojia national style design, silver metal body



In May 2023, Xuanpai released the new Xuanji Star game notebook. The new work is equipped with the latest AMD platform R7-7735H + RX 7600M XT. While the hardware performance attracts attention, the clean and neat metallic silver appearance is also eye-catching. IT Home has now obtained the new Xuanji Star game notebook, and now we will bring you an unboxing photo tour.

The silver-white main color of the Xuanji Star game notebook continues the design style of the Xuanpai family. The all-metal body has been upgraded by the body material to add points to the appearance and texture of the whole machine. In terms of size, the thinnest part of the fuselage is 21.9mm, and the weight of the fuselage is 2.3Kg. In terms of value, it can be regarded as the standard figure of a gaming notebook.

The A side of the fuselage has a simple design, and the orange “Xuan” logo is very conspicuous against the silver and white background. The orange trim on the shaft part echoes the orange Logo on the A side. Although there are few design elements on side A, with the help of color collision, the look and feel is not monotonous, but full of vitality.

There is a power indicator light in the center above the rotating shaft. Because the screen adopts a floating design, you can also see the status of the power indicator light when viewing the notebook at a normal angle, which is convenient for users to quickly understand the charging status of the computer.

In terms of screen, Xuanjixing uses a 16.1-inch 2.5K 165Hz gaming screen. The left and right borders of the screen are extremely narrow, and the bottom border is slightly wider. There is a “METAMECH” product slogan printed on the bottom left of the screen. When viewing the screen from a normal angle of view, you will not notice this line. The tagline exists.

The camera at the top of the screen is equipped with a physical shielding design, and the physical bezel is also silver, so it will not look too obtrusive after the bezel is closed.

The keyboard is equipped with arrow keys and a small keypad. The key layout is comfortable and reasonable, and the pressing feel is crisp. Although it is not a mechanical keyboard, it has a mechanical keyboard-like feel. The color of the keycap is the same as the main color of the body, and the overall look and feel is harmonious.

The keyboard supports backlight, which is convenient for related operations in dark environments.

There are also many details in the keyboard area, such as the ventilation holes on the C-side shaft, the orange power button, the “Xuan” logo on the touchpad, and the crack pattern on the “W, A, S, D” buttons, etc.

Xuanjixing Game has abundant side interfaces, the following is a summary of expansion interfaces: RJ45 network cable interface, 1*HDMI2.12*Type-A (USB3.2 Gen2) 1 * full-featured Type-C (USB3.2Gen2 /10Gbps / DP1 .4)1 * Full-featured Type-C (USB4 40Gbps [兼容雷电 3]/DP1.4)

In addition to the expansion interface, the two sides of the fuselage and the hinge part are also equipped with multiple cooling air outlets, which is convenient for the notebook to quickly discharge the accumulated heat inside the fuselage in high-load scenarios. The bottom of the fuselage is also a large area of ​​cooling holes.

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