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iQOO heat dissipation back clip 2 Pro new starship white color is available for appointment, the price is 229 yuan



IT House News on May 18th, iQOO mobile phone announced that it will soon launch the iQOO cooling back clip 2 Pro new color “starship white“.

iQOO Cooling Back Clip 2 Pro starship whiteIt adopts a contrasting color design and supports Halo extreme wind lighting effects. There are two colors to choose from with the Hoshino Gray sold on the iQOO official website.

The iQOO cooling back clip 2 Pro officially claims that it can reduce the temperature of a single machine without load to -7°C at a room temperature of 25°C, and reduce it by 10°C in 6 seconds.supportPowerful Cool Mode,performance mode,balance modeThree usage modes. The fuselage comes with dual USB-C charging ports, and the back clip itself supports a maximum charging power of 27W, which can provide 10W charging power for the mobile phone through the back clip while dissipating heat.

picture 3

In addition, the air outlet of the fuselage is located in the direction of the claws of the heat dissipation back clip. When the phone is held horizontally, the hot air will blow out from top to bottom. The back clip comes with a Halo extreme wind light effect light function. At present, the iQOO cooling back clip 2 Pro starship white color matching has opened an appointment on the e-commerce platform.The new product arrives at a price of 229 yuaninterested IT home partners can click on the link to go.

Jingdong vivo iQOO Extreme Wind Cooling Back Clip 2 Pro Starship White 249 yuandirect link

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