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When it comes to electricity masters, I believe the player’s first reaction is Branca in Street Fighter.

He should be the earliest expert in the use of electricity that players can come into contact with. He does not rely on weapons or other assistance, and he uses electricity entirely by himself.

According to official information, Blanca was lost in the Amazon back then, and got fruit by hitting trees, and finally practiced rolling, and learned to store and use electricity from the electric eel.

So show off your powers in Street Fighter 2 and even take on Vega’s Electric Shock

Street Fighter 2 Branca

“The King of Fighters” series

With the popularity of The King of Fighters 97, many people know the masters of electricity in fighting games.

Among the King of Fighters, there are quite a few people who use electricity, but the best ones are Nikaido Benimaru and Sharmie.

Benimu’s big power generator is definitely the most enjoyable super kill, and in King of Fighters 14, it has even become the apex kill of long-range attack

After Sharmie’s awakening, she can even invoke the lightning ability of nature.

In the game, as long as you use this trick, you can give the opponent a heavy blow.

Of course, when the thunder strikes, you don’t recognize anyone

In King of Fighters XIV, Sylvie, the sound nest remnant, appeared, and she is also a master of electricity

“Famous General” Captain

When the captain uses blood-consuming skills, he can hit an electric shock, but it will do a lot of damage to himself, so he will lose blood.

In addition, there are two girls who specialize in electric people, often appearing in groups

“Battle Circuit”

Many people say that this game is very similar to Famous Generals

Indeed, the blood-consuming skills of the two protagonists are all electric shock damage

“Electric God and Puppet”

A two-person super kill combined with a robot, that is a full-screen video

If the robot is alone, it can catch the person and give him an electric shock

“Quick Fight 2”

This fat man is the best priority to solve, otherwise it will be very troublesome and often plots against players

“Blade of Warring States”

The robot’s insurance is full-screen electric shock, devouring all bullets.

Self-protection is no problem at all, it lasts for a long time, but the power is a bit weaker.

“Dragon King Warrior”

There is a lightning effect when hitting the magic ball and using the blood-consuming skills.

Once the enemy is hit, it will be severely damaged

“Samurai Soul”

Galford is also a master of electricity.

Whether it is a flying prop or a large seat, it has an electric shock effect.

“Become a Ninja”

There are many people who can use electricity in the game, but the ones that players remember most are the BOSS and the Minotaur

“Heroes of the World” Vikings

His hammer has a lightning effect, and those who are hit will be shocked

“Three Kingdoms”

For any creep in the game, Zhuge Liang is someone you can’t afford to mess with.

“Journey to the West”

There are many BOSS that use electric shock in the game, such as Spider Spirit, Bull Demon King, Silver Horn King, Immortal Yangli, Bull God…

And only Ryoma can hit electric balls, others can only use props, such as Thunderbolt Halberd, Celestial Master Talisman

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