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Intel’s new 16 Xe core’s sharp display is exposed, 42% weaker than A770 performance



News from IT House on January 25, according to CompuBench websiteIntel may be developing a 16 Xe coressharp graphics card.

So far, only the mobile version of the Intel Sharp series has 16 Xe cores, the Sharp A550M, which is based on the ACM-G10 GPU. And a new card recently spotted on the benchmarking site is markedly different,The GPU frequency seems to be much faster, also not the mobile version.

IT House also found on the CompuBench website,There is a 256 CU sharp graphics card with a clock frequency ranging from 2400~2450 MHzand the current Ruixuan series of desktop products are not compatible,Average performance is 42% weaker than Sharp A770may be a new version of the A580, or a version with a lower positioning.

According to the previously exposed Intel sharp graphics roadmap, it may be a new model that will be released this year. ACM-G12 GPUwe can look forward to it.

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