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Intel and SiFive cooperate to launch RISC-V development board, equipped with Intel 4 process quad-core processor



According to news from IT House on January 24, SiFive, an American RISC-V chip design manufacturer, has reached a cooperation with Intel, a veteran x86 chip manufacturer, and jointly launched a chip called HiFive Pro P550 RISC-V development board.

▲ Picture source SiFive official website

This development board will be Available Summer 2023equipped with Intel Horse Creek SoC,The SoC is based on Intel 4 process, containing a SiFive Performance P550 Core Complex quad-core application processor. The processor supports out-of-order pipeline, RISC-V RV64GBC ISA, onboard DDR5-5600 and PCIe Gen5, etc.

▲ Picture source Intel official community

In addition, the development version has 16GB DDR5, 2x PCIe expansion slots, 1/10 GbE network, USB 3, onboard graphics and remote management ready interface (OCP DC-SCM), which is said to be suitable for development of desktop machines and rack-based builds /test/deployment server for RISC-V software development.

▲ Picture source Intel official community

The foreign media WikiChip Fuse captured the physical picture of the HiFive Pro P550. The size of the Horse Creek SoC is only 4 mm x 4 mm, and it is packaged in a 19 mm x 19 mm BGA package. The price information of the product is not yet clear. We can look forward to it.

▲ Source WikiChip Fuse

▲ WikiChip Fuse

HiFive Pro P550 complete parameters:Click here to view

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