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Instagram CEO admits: The platform pushes too many videos to users – small tech news



According to IT House news on January 25, according to 9to5Mac reports, in the past few years, Meta has been shifting the focus of Instagram (originally a photo sharing application),To compete with short video apps like TikTok.

After rolling back design changes that made the app more TikTok-like, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri admitted,Platform pushes ‘too many videos’ to users.

The Instagram head acknowledged that there are many photographers who are dissatisfied with the way Instagram has been focusing on video, but “photos will always be a part of Instagram.”

Mosseri pointed out that Instagram was “overly focused” on video last year, and nowThe platform will rebalance the number of photos and videos shown to users. Instagram takes into account how often a person likes and comments on photos and videos to determine which ones appear first in their feed.

In addition, Instagram Will continue to invest in video, because the content has driven higher overall engagement, but Instagram doesn’t remove photos from the app. IT Home learned that Instagram recently announced that,The shopping function will no longer be pushed on the app home page.

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