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Instagram advertises ‘ultra tall’ photos in another attempt to look like TikTok



As much effort as the Kardashians have put into protecting Instagram’s legacy, it seems that Adam Mosseri continues in his struggle to turn his social network into TikTok. After a controversial change in its design, as well as a more aggressive approach to Reels, the head of Instagram confirms that the company will start testing a new photo format.

It’s about the “ultra high” photos, a format with an aspect ratio of 16:9, exactly the same that we find in Stories, Reels and TikToks. In this way, Instagram plans to expand its classic 4:5 format, and adapt its application more and more to a vertical and full-screen consumption format.

Picture of Thomas Fitzgerald where the new interface is shown

This was confirmed by the executive during one of his Ask Me Anything sessions. In it, he assured that “within a week or two” the company would start testing the new feature within Instagram. According to Mosseri, taking advantage of the fact that we already have high videos on the social network, they believe that “we should make sure that we treat both equally”. For this, they would make an expansion in the publication format of their images.

But this is not all. In case of uploading a photo that is not in this format, Instagram will add a gradient to the top and bottom Of the same. Thus, they plan to imitate a longer photo, but without affecting the original composition.

Instagram and its eternal search for a personality

Having more options when uploading a photo to Instagram is not a bad thing. After all, we don’t like to remember the days when we could only post with a 1:1 ratio. However, it is quite clear that the company it is not doing it just to give more tools to its users.

After all, although Mosseri claims that they want to give the same priority to photos and videos, we know that this is not the case. The company has already made it quite clear on several occasions that Reels are the future, and seems like it’s an unavoidable.

Although the data collected by Instagram demonstrated the dislike of their users for the new design, so much so that they even stopped using the app any longer, it seems that the plans are moving forward. We’ll see how they manage to put things in order within their offices, and how it will end up being reflected in the favorite social network of billions of people.

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