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Huawei Home Storage Has At Least 6 Advantages



Recently, Huawei launched its own home storage. It’s a compact-size product that can serve as storage for various files. More importantly, it comes with many features making it a good server. Today, Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei’s mobile phone product line, explained the advantages of the device in six points.

Unlike the traditional RAID1, Huawei Home Storage uses Huawei’s unique RAID solution. Say, users can decide whether a directory needs to be enabled for dual-disk backup or not. Another option is that when users need to expand the hard disk, they can pull out a hard disk and put it on a new large hard drive. Once done, you just have to wait for the data synchronization to complete and then replace another hard disk to complete the automatic data migration and system expansion. Thus, there is no need to redo RAID and manually migrate data.

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Apart from this, the setting and management interface of the Huawei Home Storage is extremely simple. In other words, its learning cost is close to zero, and you do not need to master complex network and storage knowledge. You can even manage it via your smartphone.

You also do not need to make special router settings to achieve network penetration. It supports remote access to stored files.

If you have a HarmonyOS 3.0 smartphone, the system gallery and home storage are deeply integrated. So you can access pictures and videos on the home storage at any time, just like local photos.

As we can see, Huawei Home Storage pays more attention to experience, connectivity, and ease of use. Even new users can easily get started, which is better than traditional NAS products.

This device has two variants – 4TB and 16TB. The price starts from 2,999 yuan ($421). Users can also replace the hard disk by themselves, and the maximum capacity can be increased to 40TB.

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