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HP inkjet printers have the problem of forcing the use of Instant Ink: the ink cartridges cannot be used after the subscription is stopped_China IT News



According to news from IT House on February 9th, according to the report of foreign technology media hothardware,HP printers have issues with mandatory Instant Ink recommendations.

When you plan to purchase an HP inkjet printer, the setup software strongly recommends that you register the company’s Instant Ink Serve. IT Home briefly introduces this service: after you print a certain number of pages, you don’t need to buy any more, and HP will send you a new ink cartridge.

This service sounds very good, but the reality is not good.If you decide to stop your Instant Ink subscription, the cartridges will not work properly.HP printers will first verify your Instant Ink subscription, and if it is not activated, you will not be able to use the ink cartridges.

Although the price of inkjet printers is not high, the expenditure on consumables is still very considerable. On Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, users have complained about the problem.

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