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Howl Coming Early 2023 to PC and Nintendo Switch – Hightech News Jeux Video Cinema




Get your hands on Howl at the Steam Next Fest. Indie studio Mipumi has released the first public demo of its playable turn-based tactical story this week. The full game will release on PC and Switch in early 2023.

Howl is a turn-based tactical folk tale set in the Middle Ages. Alone in a world terrorized by a plague that turns men into wolves, you must use your weapons and wits to survive, planning up to six stages in advance to outwit your opponents. In preparation for the attack, you also write your own prophecy, weaving a continuous letter text during combat.

Howl’s graphics are inspired by Living Ink, a fluid art style that paints the story as you play. Make your way through a dark fantasy world, fighting and writing to rid the land of the plague.

  • Anticipate the actions of enemies in turn-based tactical combat.
  • Beautifully illustrated with a unique vibrant ink style.
  • Unlock and upgrade new skills like Shadow Step, Explosive Shot and more.
  • Save the villagers from the claws – or howls – of wolves.
  • Complete 60 levels in 4 chapters
  • Plan your route on the world map and choose your battles wisely.


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