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Original title: “How to print long and long forms on one page?” it’s actually really easy! “

Friends, hello everyone, I am a farmer, a farmer who specializes in solving difficult and complicated “numbers”~

In our daily work, we often needPrint out the data organized in Excel.

However, it seems to be a simple printing, but in actual operation, we will always encounter various problems~

for example:

How to print the data of the same category in the worksheet on one sheet?

How can I print a worksheet that spans two sides on one page?

How to print pages according to your needs?

How to print each page with the same title?


Today, I will lead everyone to take a big inventory of the common printing functions in Excel, and help friends solve printing problems in daily work~

1. Print the data on one page

Frequency of use: ★★★★★

Difficulty of operation: ★

There are actually two ways to deal with it~

The first one, mouse movement, selection range

selected【view】in the tab【Page break preview】;

At this time, place the mouse on the dotted line and when it turns into a two-way arrow, just drag it to the appropriate position~

▋The second type, page settings, adjust page width and height

❶ Click【Page Layout】tab【page settings】The small triangle at the bottom right.

❷ In the pop-up【page settings】window click【page】,choose【Zoom】in the column【adjust to】,Fill in width and height 1 that’s it~

2. Add print area

Frequency of use: ★★★★★

Difficulty of operation: ★★

At work, we often encounter this situation:

The print area has been set, but the temporaryAnother part of data in the data table needs to be added for printing.

Does it need to be reset? It doesn’t work.

There is a function in Excel that can increase the print area without deleting the set print area.


❶ Select the area to be printed and click【Page Layout】in the tab【Print Area】-【Set Print Area】;

❷ click【view】in the tab【Page break preview】,Select the area that needs to be printed, right-click the mouse to select【Add to print area】That’s it.

Let’s move around~

By the way, if there is too little data in the table, such as this:

you can enter【page settings】,click【Margins】,Tick ​​the center【level】and【vertical】.

In this way, the printed data will be in the center of the page, and the layout will be more beautiful~

3. Data page printing

Frequency of use: ★★★★★

Difficulty of operation: ★★★

At work, we often encounter this situation:Several forms are placed in the same worksheet, requiring us to print each form separately on a piece of paper.

For example: the four forms in the picture below, we need to print them on four pages respectively, how to deal with this?

At this time we use“Pagination”function~

“Pagination by Page” is very simple. In order to make it easier for you to see it more intuitively, we first change the page to the[Page Break Preview]mode.

❶ Click first【view】in the tab【Page break preview】,Enter page preview mode~

❷ Select the corresponding column or row, click【Page Layout】in the tab【Separator】,choose【Insert page break】,This is like cutting a watermelon, dividing the worksheet into a corresponding number of pages~

❸ Press the shortcut key[Ctrl+P],click【Print】,You can print them on separate paper~

4. Classification and page printing

Frequency of use: ★★★★★

Difficulty of operation: ★★★★★

Still in the previous case, we want to print the data of the same city on one page.

Let’s see the operation steps:

❶ Click【data】in the tab【Subtotals】~

❷ On the category summary page, fill in:

[Classification field]: city name

[Summary method]: Sum

【Selected summary items】: city name

The option can use the default.But be sure to check【Pagination for each group of data】,This can automatically insert page breaks between different cities, saving you the trouble of manually inserting them.

❸ Select any column except column A and column B, use【F5】Shortcut key to bring up the location criteria page, select【Null value】-【OK】,Then right click and select delete【Entire row】.

❹ Delete the summary column, and then “print by page”~

Knock on the blackboard:

If you want each page to have a header row, you need to click the【Page Layout】in the tab【Print title】;

Then【page settings】inner【Top Header Row】,Set it as the title line that needs to be printed, and finally click【Sure】That’s it.

5. Print header and footer

Frequency of use: ★★★

Difficulty of operation: ★★★

In actual work, what if you want to add the company name or Logo and the number of pages to each printed page?

At this time, you need to use Excelheader footerfunction~

▋Fixed format

❶ in【Page Layout】Click the button in the lower right corner of the tab to enter the page setting page~

❷ select【Header/Footer】,can be directly in【Header or Footer】Select the format that has been set in the drop-down arrow of ;

▋Custom format

Excel not only provides fixed-format headers and footers, but also allows users to customize the format~

❶ Go back to the above【page settings】window, click【Custom header/footer】Set up information.

❷ Take custom footer settings as an example. According to your needs, you can insert page numbers, dates, file information, tables and pictures, etc. in the left, middle and right parts of the footer~

At the same time, comparing some functions in Word can also be set in the page settings page[Odd and even different][Home page is different]wait~

6. Print all worksheets

Frequency of use: ★★★

Difficulty of operation: ★

In actual work, we often need to print out all worksheets in a workbook.

Is it necessary to click each worksheet one by one, and then print? Of course not~

use shortcut keys【Ctrl+P】Enter the print page in Excel, set the【Print Activity Sheet】changed to【Print the entire workbook】,That’s OK~

Isn’t fried chicken easy! Don’t print them one by one in the future~

7. Do not print error values

Frequency of use: ★★

Difficulty of operation: ★

We are now able to handle most of the printing needs in our daily work.

However, you may also encounter:There are error values ​​in the printed form due to formula calculations,However, these error values ​​are not suitable for printing on paper. Can we only delete them first and then print them?

Of course not, Excel can handle it easily without printing wrong values~

❶ enter【page settings】,In the pop-up window click【Worksheet】~

❷ Find the[Error cell display as],Choose the “how to display error cells” you want, for example, I choose here】,Then the printed error value cell is blank~

Have you learned it?

8. Print comments

Frequency of use: ★★

Difficulty of operation: ★

In addition to the error values ​​in the worksheet, some data sheets also have annotations. So, is there a way to print out all the annotations in the data sheet?

Of course there is!

We are also on the worksheet page in the page setup, find the print bar【Comments and Notes】,Choose where you want the comment to appear, for example, we choose【End of worksheet】.

Then in the printed data, there will be an extra page to display the cell where the comment is located, the person who added the comment, the content of the comment and the date~

9. Others

Frequency of use: ★

Difficulty of operation: ★

There are some occasions when using Excel to print the data table, for example, in the work, the shading and color in the data table cannot be displayed, at this time we need to【page settings】check the Print bar【Monochrome printing】that’s it~

If you want to display the grid lines in the printed data table, you need to【page settings】in, check【Print】in the column【Gridlines】~

The above are the commonly used printing functions in our daily work. Do you know it?

In Excel, we deal with printing related settings, mainly in【Page Layout】tab and【page settings】middle.

Therefore, if you encounter any problems in printing in the future, you can go to these two places to have a look~

The little tricks in Excel are far more than what I introduced today.

For example, a powerful Excel expert can process data more efficiently with only one shortcut key, making your work more efficient~

What should you do when you receive an urgent task at work and it is too late to process the data?

If you get the Excel way of thinking, even with only one shortcut[Ctrl+E]you can quickly get the data👇

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Akiba Excel (ID: excel100)by farmer

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