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How to get to the beginning of an Instagram conversation from the cell phone?



When we chat on Instagram, we can make use of multiple functions such as sending videos, photos, voice notes, written messages, Stories from other accounts, emojis and much more… But as we store all these types of messages there, see the first of the conversation again It is a very cumbersome task, since there is no button or alternative that allows us to reach it much more quickly and easily.

However, don’t worry, we will teach you step by step what you should do so that you can get to that message that you want so much. Actually, it is not something as simple as it seems, but here with the recommendations that we will give you, surely you will be able to do it without any problem, so read all this information that is for you.

How to see the first messages on Instagram quickly?

We have already mentioned that it is not something that is done so easily or that is achieved with just one click, since Instagram does not yet have that function to solve your life in this way, it is something much more complex than silencing messages from your contacts. . Even instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram they haven’t managed to develop this eitherTherefore, other mechanisms must be used to achieve this.

The simplest thing is to do it in the most traditional and fast way that it’s just moving with our finger the screen from top to bottom, so that all the messages are loaded and you can get to the beginning of the conversation. But if you don’t want to do this because there are many messages stored there, then we will explain it to you with different methods that you can apply from a computer and others through the phone and its application.

From PC and Instagram web

By making use of your computer, you will be able to get the first message very quickly with a series of steps that works easily. You can apply them and check if it works, the only thing is that you can not from the mobile, but only from the PC. Next, we will describe the process for you to do it:

  • Open your preferred browser on your computer and enter your Instagram.
  • When you are there you go to the direct message section (DM).
  • You look for the chat of the person whose first message you want to know.
  • Right click there and hit the option to expand all on the menu.
  • At this point, all the elements will open, you must go down to the end and there you check the first message.

On the other hand, there is a second alternative that can be much more effective, but it will most likely take a while to be processed, although you only need keep you on the same website and from there carry out the process. Here you must open your account and enter the settings section that appears in your profile with the gear or nut icon.

You must press there and then look for the security and privacy options, being at this point, slide down until you get to download data. When you get to this part, you will be required to enter your account password and also your email address. After placing said information, you will get a notification that an email will be sent to you so that you can see the chat, this It can take between one and 48 hours. after the request and there you will see the first message.

Using a cell phone and your app

On the other hand, if you do it through your mobile with the application, then here you can make a search within the chat itself to get to a specific message, even retrieve deleted messages and search through them. But also, it is feasible that you even reach the first message of the conversation. In this sense, we will tell you a little about each of these options.

First, we have to search for a specific message, for this you must open the application on your cell phone or computer and go to the direct ones. Marks Ctrl + F5 on the keyboard and there it is useful for you to write a word and thus search for the message you want. Here it will highlight in yellow the messages that contain that word.

instagram on mobile

Another option is that you just swipe up the messages and so you can get to the end of the conversation. You could even export the full chats from the app, just as it is done using a computer and you send them to your mail and then see them there and download them.

Also check the data file of the application, for this, you must enter the mobile settings and go to the cache stored in it. there you can review and download the information you want, including messages from a specific chat. If it doesn’t show up, maybe it was a self-destructing message.

What external tool can you use to read old posts on Instagram?

However, there are applications outside of Instagram that make it easy for you to search for previous messages within them. A clear example that could serve you is Messenger sms and MMS, from there you can find the messages of your Instagram. There is also an alternative called postcron, entering there you can access this information.

Also, if you love technology as much as we do and you like to investigate much more, you will see that there are websites and other digital applications that will be of great help in these situations. The good thing is that many of them do not take up much space on the devices and the results are truly effective and good for you, without spending a lot of time and effort.

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