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How To Fix 0xc000007b Error? 100% Successful Method!



Today, we bring you the definitive solution to the 0xc000007b error, which is frequently encountered worldwide! Sometimes users get this error when trying to open a program or game on their Windows computer. So what is the cause of this error?

What is error 0xc000007b and why does it happen?

Error 0xc000007b, “Application failed to start properly (0xc000007b) on Windows systems. Click the OK button to terminate the application.” appears in the form.

This indicates to us that there is a corruption or deficiency in the Windows files or the DLL files of the application. You are likely to get this error especially when downloading from untrusted sources (pirated use).

The 0xc000007b error is caused by manually copied DLL files into the System32 and SysWOW64 folders. The required DLL files must be obtained using the original installation media, no manual intervention should be required. So, how do we solve this error, let’s take a look at it.

Solving error 0xc000007b

Actually this error manifests itself in incomplete package installations. When you install Windows, all C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio packages not installed. These packages install the necessary DLL files on your system so that the applications can run properly in the operating system. In general, the mistake made by everyone is to manually download the DLL file and put it in the file location, but this is a wrong move. To install the missing DLLs, you need to install the C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio packages on the system.

But sometimes you continue to get the error even though you install the packages because if the corrupt DLL file is still installed on the system, the new DLL file will not be loaded. So where do we find the DLL that is the source of the error? Of course also using Process Monitor.

What is Process Monitor and what does it do?

Process Monitor, aka ProcMon; It is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. In short, you can follow all the processes running in the operating system with every detail. In the solution of this error, we will find and repair the DLLs that the application cannot find or access with ProcMon.

Getting an error report with Process Monitor

First we need to download Process Monitor and for this you can download Process Monitor from here. Then you can create your bug report using our video guide below.

Process Monitor analysis settings

Using Process Monitor can actually be made much simpler than it looks. For this, we will use the Highlight feature in the application. Thanks to this feature, we can choose the ones that will be useful for us among tens of thousands of rows. This makes error analysis both faster and easier.

First of all, we select an entry that says NAME NOT FOUND from the Result section and right-click on it. Highlight ‘NAME NOT FOUND’ we say. This will highlight all NAME NOT FOUND transaction information.

Process Monitor highlight

Activating the highlight feature in Process Monitor for the selected state.

As you can see, while there is no highlighting before the process, all the content we need after the process is highlighted.

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Error analysis with Process Monitor

When you mark the results specified with NAME NOT FOUND, the table that appears before you can be a little surprising. It’s worth noting here that everything that appears as NAME NOT FOUND is not an error. So how do we know which ones are causing the error?

For this, let’s go to the bottom of the report and find the “Thread Exit” process. Because Thread Exit tells us that the attempt to open the application has ended. Let’s start examining the report from the top of the Thread Exit statement. In addition, the Thread Exit process may not always be in the report or may not contain the solution just above it. For this, however, it is useful to analyze the entire report.

DLLs that are the source of the error

In the image, there are NAME NOT FOUND outputs of Thread Exit just before a few operations. DLLs with arrows are the source of the problem.

As you can see, MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll files were not found by Windows subfolders. But when we look a little further up, at the places indicated by the red arrows, we see that the relevant files are located in the SysWOW64 location. So why can’t these DLL files be found in the parent and child folders of this folder? Because these files were manually copied to this location. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, manually installing DLLs is not the solution, on the contrary, it can make things worse.

The definitive solution for the 0xc000007b error

We are deleting manually copied files from the location they were copied from (SysWOW64 in this example). Then we install the packages with the problematic DLL files and ensure that the files are placed correctly in the required location. You can find out which file comes with which package from our DLL Files Database. For example, we detected our DLL, which is the source of the error, as shown below, and checked it from the database.

Screenshot from DLL database

We download the component package (2013 and 2015 packages) of the DLL, which is the source of the error, from the DLL database.

Alternative solution: Technopat Social 0xc000007b Error Analysis System

You can use our 0xc000007b error analysis tool, which continues to be developed on behalf of Technopat Social within Technopat. To use this system, you must first be a member of Technopat Social. If you do not know how to become a member, you can proceed to our guide here.

After becoming a member, we proceed to the 0xc000007b Error Analysis category in Technopat Social. In the 0xc000007b Error Analysis category, we select the “New analysis” option at the top.

We select the new analysis option.

In the 0xc000007b category, we call it New analysis from the top.

In the analysis tab that opens, you must select your ProcMon report with PML extension, upload it to the system and enter the name of the application from which you received the error.

Analysis page.

Technopat Social 0xc000007b error analysis page.
Example usage of analysis page.Example usage of analysis page.

We identified the problem as MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll, and Technopat Social 0xc000007b analysis software also tells us the same content.

0xc000007b analysis output

As you can see, the 0xc000007b analysis returned the results we found.

As a result of applying what the Technopat bot gives, you can solve your problem.

Alternative solution: Install Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One and DirectX packages

If you have never installed a package before, you can try to install the Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes Bulk Package and DirectX download tool. As we said at the beginning, Windows does not install all the necessary packages by default and you may have to install them. In these cases, you can install all the Runtimes packages at once by installing the Runtimes bulk package.

To install the Runtimes bulk package, first proceed here. After the ZIP file is downloaded, extract the file from the archive and run the install_all.bat file in it as an administrator. The BAT file will install all the packages for you one by one and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself.

Proceed here to download the DirectX installer as well. After downloading, open it and disable the “Install the Bing Bar” option. Afterwards, you can complete the installation by clicking directly forward.

However, let us remind you that the packages we mentioned will only work if you have not installed them before. So if you have interfered with the system DLL packages, this method will not work, for your information.


As a result, today we have learned the solution and detailed analysis of the 0xc000007b error in Windows. If you still have problems, you can create your own topic in the 0xc000007b Error Analysis category on Technopat Social and get technical support. We wish you a flawless day.

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