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He is selling his collection of over 2,000 consoles for 1 million euros! Images that will make you cry



Game news He is selling his collection of over 2,000 consoles for 1 million euros! Images that will make you cry

Published on 02/01/2023 at 18:10

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YouTube channel Ici Japon Corp, run by Benoit and Tristan, plans to open a video game museum in France from a unique private collection. This brings together over 2,000 consoles.

While some players are lucky enough to have PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch at the same time, others have much more ambitious projects. Some time a announcement like no other circulating on eBay. This is undoubtedly the sale of “the largest collection of consoles in existence”, with almost 2,200 objects, at a price of 923,000 euros. On an e-commerce site, we can read that it all took 25 years of research and combines half a century of video game history. “The goal is to bring all the models together,” admits the owner, one Kaori Trente. The ones that are limited to commerce, reservations, advertising, contests, bundles, kits, European, Japanese editions, etc.

The largest video game museum in the world in France?

The collection could find a buyer, and that was the end of the story. But this was without the calculation of the creators of the YouTube channel “Ici Japon Corp”. In the news video published on February 1, Benoit (facing the camera) announces that he is in contact with the owner of an extraordinary collection. “I managed to convince him – ladies and gentlemen – to provide (2200 consoles) for the opening of the museum,” the man explains. “That doesn’t exist in France.” Indeed: the one-of-a-kind project in France, the Pixel Museum (Schiltigheim, | Alsace) closed its doors 3 years ago.

Upcoming Crowdfunding Launch

Obviously, such a museum (potentially “the largest in the world”) does not open overnight. “We’re going to need all of your help,” says Ici Japon Corp’s Benoist, looking into the camera. In the near future, the enthusiast and his team plan to launch crowdfunding! No amount or date has been announced at this time. This will probably happen in “a few weeks, a few months.” The idea of ​​the project will be both to accommodate 2200 machines, and to hold conferences and the opportunity to try out the consoles in question … So, this is a very ambitious project.

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