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“Harvest Moon Welcome!””Life is Beautiful” is scheduled to be released on June 22, supporting Simplified Chinese



News from IT House on January 26, Sega’s latest work in the “Harvest Moon” series “Harvest Moon Welcome!”Beautiful Life” was confirmed in Available June 22landing on Switch and PS5 platforms, supports Simplified Chinese.

This work is the latest work in the “Harvest Moon” series.At the same time, it is also a remake of the “Harvest Moon Story” released in 2003 with the addition of beautiful new elements.. On the stage of the mountain settlement “Forgotten Valley”, a new “leisure ranch life” depicting decades of life.

Sega today in “Harvest Moon Welcome!”The official website of “Life is Beautiful” also discloses the latest news about this work – the latest information about the pasture life in “Forgotten Valley”, as well as the animals and crops that have become more beautiful in this work, IT family friends canClick here to enter the Chinese official website.

Game screenshot:

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