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GPD WIN Max 2 2023 handheld game book pre-sale: optional R7 7840U + 64GB memory



According to news from IT House on May 26, according to GPD, WIN Max 2 2023 (7840U / 7640U) is now available for pre-sale on, and the final payment will be made on June 26. The initial price is as follows:

  • 7640U + 16GB + 1TB: 4999 yuan

  • 7840U + 32GB + 2TB: 6699 yuan

  • 7840U + 64GB + 2TB: 7699 yuan

IT Home sorts out the configuration information of GPD’s new Win Max 2 handheld as follows:

GPD’s new Win Max 2 handheld can choose R7 7840U processor, the latest Radeon 780M core display, the latest LPDDR5X-7500 memory specification, memory capacity from 16GB to 64GB, and SSD from 1TB and 2TB.

The screen is 10.1 inches, the default resolution is 1920*1200p, the highest is 2560*1600, and the brightness is 400 nits.

In other respects, this handheld has a built-in 67Wh battery, can install dual M.2 SSDs, has four speakers, is equipped with a full-speed USB4 interface, and can also connect to the GPD G1 eGPU through the Oculink interface.

Jingdong GPD Win Max2 2023Steam AMD 7840U 32GB 2TB Solid State Version 6699 yuandirect link

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