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Google’s Android TV 13 official version is finally available, only supports discontinued ADT-3 devices



News from IT House on February 8th, althoughandroid 13 debuted on smartphones and tablets as early as August 2022, but Google has been slow to bring the final update to TVs. Now,android The official version of TV 13 is finally available, albeit with many limitations.

In a quiet update to its developer page, Google has officially rolled out Android TV 13 to actual hardware. Technically, when Google announced the official launch of Android TV 13 late last year, it was not available for download on ADT-3 devices.

As of February 1 this year, users with an ADT-3 developer device can download the update from Google. Google’s latest update description reads:Android 13 The final version for TV is now available.

IT Home understands that the only device currently capable of running this new version remains the ADT-3, which was discontinued quite some time ago. According to reports,ADT-4 products are likely to be available soon.

The Android TV 13 update mainly includes behind-the-scenes improvements, including changes to HDMI, input processing, audio, new accessibility features, and more.

Android TV 13 is available for both the Android TV experience and Google TV, which is quickly becoming the default on new hardware.

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