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Google prepares the biggest change in its history: its website will soon be like this



Most users have set the Google search engine as default in your favorite internet browser. What’s more, many of us use it as a home page to start using it immediately every time we start this application.

This means that for years we have known more than enough about the portal that acts as the most powerful search engine in the world and that we use on a daily basis. In addition to all the potential that it offers us regarding its internal operation to locate content of any kind on the Internet, if something characterizes this seeker, is the simplicity of the interface it presents. Practically since its inception, the Google portal has offered us a website that is basically made up of its enormous logo and the corresponding search box that we use constantly.

But it seems that this will change soon. We tell you all this based on reports that have recently been leaked and that suggest a huge change in this sense. In fact, we could consider that the search giant is preparing the biggest change in its history when it comes to main web interface. First of all, we must be clear that at the moment these modifications that we are going to mention are not yet available to most users. With everything and with it, it is expected that little by little the new design of the search engine will be extended to everyone.

Main changes of the new Google website

So that we can get a better idea of ​​everything that we tell you, surely you are interested to know that Google is currently testing a new design for its search home page. It refers to the desktop version that we load from our desktop computers. Of course, we cannot expect to find this new design at this precise moment, since the aforementioned test is being carried out with a limited number of users.

With this we can already affirm that the new website it strays in a major way from the home page we know. In other words, the search giant is going to abandon the cleaning of its main website and the one we talked about before. From what we know now, in addition to the search bar and the changing Google doodle logo, we will see other elements. We find a set of five relevant information cards for the user when accessing here, by default.

Thus, when entering the new search engine page we will be asked to let’s log in with our account of the signature. The main objective of all this is that we can personalize the new page with our information preferences for these cards. After that, we will have to establish a series of preferences and interests that will allow us to personalize the search engine’s home page. This will directly influence the data information that we will find every time we access our favorite search portal. Here we find main news, from sports, meteorology of the area, cryptocurrencies, bagfeatured searches, and more.

After customizing our tastes or preferences, these new five cards will show us the latest updates on the indicated topics. Therefore, it is expected that all this will gradually reach the rest of the users around the world, we have to wait a bit.

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