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Google Photos is about to get a lot better on your tablet with upcoming redesign



New leaked images suggest Google Photos will soon be optimized for tablets as the app is slated to make better use of a device’s screen while in landscape view.

This batch of information comes from industry tipster Nail Sadykov who runs the Google News Telegram channel (opens in new tab), which is not affiliated with the company itself. Looking at the images Sadykov provides, the redesigned Photos app looks quite similar to how Adobe Lightroom appears on tablets: a side-by-side view with the image on the left and a variety of editing tools across six sections on the right. It doesn’t appear there will be any changes to those editing tools, since users will still be able to adjust the shadows in a photo or tweak the aspect ratio, for example. The goal with the redesign, it seems, is to help people make more precise edits since the app will better fit the screen. Portrait mode, however, will be staying exactly the same, according to Sadykov on Twitter (opens in new tab).

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