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Good looks + top workmanship!MAXSUN RTX 4080 iCraft OC16G Graphics Card Review: Three Fans Stabilize Voltage at 71°C



Good looks + top workmanship! MAXSUN RTX 4080 iCraft OC16G Graphics Card Review: Three-Fan Regulator 71°C

1. Foreword: iCraft, the flagship of MAXSUN, launched the RTX 4080 Aijia graphics card with the main appearance

In the era of RTX 40 series, MAXSUN graphics cards can be said to be quite brilliant, especially the flagship iCraft series of e-sports heart, which is very hard-working, with solid quality, workmanship, and materials.

We have experienced this series of RTX 4070 Ti before, and now we have received this MAXSUN RTX 4080 iCraft OC16G graphics card (hereinafter referred to as MAXSUN RTX 4080 graphics card),On the basis of stacking materials, it focuses on high-value appearance and adopts a unique two-dimensional design.

The MAXSUN RTX 4080 Aga graphics card has 5 sets of GPCs, a total of 7860 CUDA cores, 240 fourth-generation Tensor cores, 60 third-generation RT cores, 30 ROP raster units, and 48MB L2 cache.

Its base frequency is 2505MHz, and the Boost frequency is 2580MHz, which is 75MHz higher than the public version.

16GB of video memory, 256-bit video memory interface width, equivalent frequency of 22.4Gbps, and video memory bandwidth of 718.6GB/s, which can meet the usage scenarios of high-end users with 4K resolution.

The 15+3-phase power supply solution, combined with MAXSUN’s self-developed independent SIP digital power supply system, and the M-Flow heat dissipation solution consisting of 8 heat pipes and four-generation hydrodynamic ball fans, guarantee power supply and temperature, bringing users Sufficiently stable experience.

Next, let’s take a look at the performance of the MAXSUN RTX 4080 AGA graphics card.

MAXSUN RTX 4080 iCraft OC16G graphics card parameters
core architecture There’s Lovelace
base frequency 2205MHz
Acceleration frequency 2580MHz
CUDA cores 9728
Memory capacity 16GB
memory type GDDR6X
memory bandwidth 256-bit
memory frequency 22.4Gbps
Output Interface 3×DP 1.4a、1×HDMI 2.1a
power supply interface 12VHPWR
Graphics card power consumption 320W
size 336×137×62mm
price 9499 yuan
save PictureWatchmaking: Fast Technology KKJ.CN2023.02

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