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Git dominates, GitHub will stop supporting Subversion (SVN) next year Develop Paper



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News from IT House on January 24, Microsoft GitHub recently released a blog saying,Support for the version control system Subversion will be discontinued on January 8, 2024also known as SVN.

Version control systems are often used in the field of software development, and Subversion and git are two mainstream version control systems, the former is a centralized version control system, and the latter is a distributed version control system. Over time, git has gradually become the mainstream tool used by developers, while Subversion has declined.

According to GitHub officials, when GitHub introduced Subversion support in 2010, the version control landscape was very different. Many customers use a centralized version control system. Subversion has been around for 10 years and plays nicely with other centralized systems, while git is just getting started.

At the time, GitHub wasn’t sure that distributed version control would eventually become mainstream, let alone that git would become the dominant version control system.

And now,94% of developers use git, while Subversion is much less common than before. GitHub data shows that less than 0.02% of requests made to the git backend come from Subversion, and only about 5000 repositories receive one Subversion request per month.

Therefore, as the use of GitHub continues to grow and the number of Subversion requests plummets,Official GitHub plans to focus work entirely on git.

IT Home understands that starting January 8, 2024 (about a year later), GitHub will completely stop supporting Subversion on The release of GitHub Enterprise Server sometime in early 2024 will also drop support for Subversion.

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