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GFP-GAN: Restore your old photos for free with Artificial Intelligence



Today you can find different alternatives in the market that allow you to restore old photos using artificial intelligence. But, what is more difficult to find, are the tools that offer you this service for free.

And you may find one or another tool to restore photos without having to pay anything, however, the safest thing in these cases is that the results you get leave a lot to be desired.

With the tool that I will present to you in this article you will be able to restore old photos of family and friends that have not stood the test of time well, regardless of the size and/or poor condition of the image. You will be able to restore faded and cracked images, returning them to their original state and without having to pay a dime.

GFP-GAN: A free AI tool that restores old photos

This artificial intelligence model, called «Generative Facial Prior» (GFP-GAN) can repair most old photos in just a few seconds. The AI ​​model even works with very low quality and resolution files.

It should be noted that a common problem among tools of this type is that, when restoring the image, what usually happens is that the faces of the people who appear in the photograph are deformed, making them look like completely different people.

GFP-GAN ensures that it can offer users a true representation of the image when restored. In the improved version of the model, GFP-GAN takes care of analyzing what is contained in the image and then fill in the blanks and add pixels to the sections that deserve it.

The use of additional metrics helps the AI ​​improve facial details, focusing on important local features such as a person’s eyes, mouth, and nose. The system then compares the real image to the newly restored image to see if they still have the same person in the generated photo.

Website | GFP-GAN

How to restore images with GFP-GAN

Clearly, in order to use this tool, First you must have the old photo in digital format. For that, you can use tools like PhotoScan that allow you to scan old photos. And once you have done that step, you can use the tool to restore the photo:

  • Enters in the GFP-GAN link.
  • Upload the file of the photo you want to restore.
  • Press the button restore photo and wait a few seconds.
  • Then it will appear Download the restored image, select this option so you can see the final result.

GFP-GAN may be buggy

restored photo

GFP-GAN is not without its flaws. There is a chance that when you restore an image using the tool, you might get as a result not very sharp images.

And another thing is that, despite the fact that one of the main objectives of GFP-GAN is to respect the appearance of people’s faces in the photographs, it may be the case that in the images a person appears with facial features very different from the original ones.

As usual, this happens with images that are very low resolution and heavily corrupted. This leaves the AI ​​having to make some rough guesses as to what was behind the blurred or torn sections of the photograph.

That means that if the image you are trying to restore of your grandmother It has very low quality and is very deteriorated, there is a chance that when you get the end result of the restored image, instead of having a photo of your grandmother, you will end up with a photo of a stranger. However, as it is a free tool, you lose nothing by trying.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. And if you liked it, you should take a look at Deep Nostalgia, an app to bring your old photos to life.

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