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free games, Spider-Man 2 release and bundle benefits



How much is PS5 worth in 2023? This is a question that has been raised very often in discussions on forums and social networks for a long time. Indeed, the Sony Next-Gen console, which suffered from its success, could end up under the guns of a select few at the exit.

🗞️ Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Theme in 2023 📑 Theme Why is PS5 still standing in 2023? ⬇️ Some Benefits of Buying/Owning a PS5 in 2023 🗝️ Key Data PS+ Free Games, Spider-Man 2 Release, PS5 Bundle and Accessory Benefits

Now that the production issues with the PlayStation 5 seem to have been ironed out, many are wondering if it’s worth it as the craze dies down. Games, accessories and bundles – we bring you some of the benefits of buying and/or owning a PS5 this year.

Free games for PlayStation Plus in March 2023

At the end of March 2023, PlayStation Plus continues to offer its subscribers a selection of free games for PS4 and PS5 consoles. What new games does Sony offer after integrating Horizon Forbidden West and Ghostwire Tokyo into the catalog? This new selection will especially appeal to fans of narrative games with exciting stories.

List of games on offer at the end of March 2023:

  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection;
  • Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition;
  • Rise of the Immortal Phoenix;
  • Final Fantasy Type-0;
  • Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.
  • Rage 2;
  • An unnamed goose game;
  • Neo: The world ends with you;
  • harbor.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: scheduled for release in the fall of 2023

So far, we’ve only seen the first cinematic trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, developed by Insomniac Games. A new game starring Peter Parker and Miles Morales is expected in Fall 2023. According to Tony Todd, who voiced Venom in the game, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could release as early as September 2023, with a major promotional campaign starting in August.

Buying a PS5 as a Bundle: An Interesting Choice

Given the popularity of the Sony PS5 console and the high prices charged by some retailers, choosing a bundle that includes the console, video games, and/or accessories can be financially beneficial. In addition to countering scalpers who buy and resell the console at sky-high prices, this choice also allows you to take full advantage of the gaming experience offered by the PS5.

Benefits of buying a PS5 in a box:

  • Save on total cost by bundling your console, games and accessories
  • How to deal with excess demand over supply and avoid speculation
  • Get the full gaming experience with purchase

Must-have PS5 accessories to enhance your gaming experience

Must-have PS5 accessories to enhance your gaming experience

To get the most out of your PS5 console, whether it’s a standard or all-digital model, there are plenty of accessories available. This allows you to recharge your DualSense controllers faster, reposition your console, play more immersively, or even limit your console’s heat.

Three must-have accessories for PS5:

  • Accessory #1: PS5 Anivia AH28 on-ear gaming headset with built-in microphone for immersive and comfortable gaming;
  • Accessory #2: OIVO PS5 console stand helps to position the device horizontally;
  • Accessory #3: Dual fast charging station, optimized for charging two controllers at the same time. It has a charge level indicator light.

These accessories can be found for sale on various online sales sites such as AliExpress, where prices include VAT and shipping is free.

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