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Focusing on 5 main points, Microsoft proposes governance generative AI recommendations



News from IT House on May 26, Microsoft today released a release called “Governing AI: A Blueprint for the Future“Report,He put forward his own views and suggestions on how to help enterprises and governments govern generative AI.

Microsoft President Brad Smith (Brad Smith) wrote a foreword for the report and summarized five key points, which can strengthen the security of artificial intelligence and make it easier for the public to accept.

IT House attaches 5 main points as follows:

  • Implement and establish a new government-led AI safety framework:The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has proposed a related framework.

  • Effective security “brakes” need to be deployed for AI systems controlling critical infrastructure:These fail-safe systems will be integrated into an integrated approach to system safety, developed around effective human oversight, resilience, and robustness.

  • Develop a broad legal and regulatory framework based on AI technology architecture:Smith said new laws and regulations that build on existing laws are needed to govern AI, including the creation of a new government agency to regulate AI.

  • Increase transparency to ensure access to AI for academic and nonprofit organizations:Smith said Microsoft will release an annual report on its AI transparency efforts and must make new efforts to expand AI research to academic and nonprofit organizations.

  • Seek new public-private partnerships to use AI as an effective tool to address the inevitable societal challenges posed by new technologies:Smith said critical work is needed now to use AI to protect democracy and fundamental rights, provide broad AI skills, foster inclusive growth, and harness the power of AI to advance the planet’s sustainable development needs.

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