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Feel the tyranny of RTX 4090!Thor ZERO 2023 Gaming Laptop First Review: DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144%



Feel the tyranny of RTX 4090! Raytheon ZERO 2023 Gaming Book First Review: DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144%

1. Foreword: The strongest notebook GPU ever

GeForce RTX 40 series graphics card based on Ada Lovelace architecture and TSMC 4N process,What impresses us the most is not how much performance has been improved, but the ultra-high energy efficiency.

For example, the RTX 4090 released in October last year only needs 2/3 of the power consumption to achieve a performance improvement of nearly 70% compared to the RTX 3090.

In notebooks, energy efficiency is at the top of the list.Today, 4 months later, the RTX 4090 Laptop GPU is also here.

This is the first time that a 90-class GPU has entered the notebook field. Whether it is a raster game, a light-chasing game, or a DLSS 3 game, it has the strongest performance in history, and even surpasses the previous generation of desktop RTX 3090 by leaps and bounds. It is a proper new flagship!

Dare to name it with 90, which also shows NVIDIA’s strong confidence in RTX 4090 Laptop.

There is no doubt that the RTX 4090 Laptop is the most powerful notebook GPU ever, whether it is raster performance, game performance, or ray tracing and DLSS performance, it is far ahead of any previous notebook GPU.

Feel the tyranny of RTX 4090 Laptop! Thor ZERO 2023 Gaming Review: DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144%

The RTX 4090 Laptop is based on the new Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the core number is AD103, the core area is 378.6 square millimeters, and it integrates 45.9 billion transistors. That’s right, the desktop version of the RTX 4080 also uses this core.

In terms of specifications, it has 7 sets of GPCs, 9728 stream processors, 304 texture units, 304 4th generation Tensor Cores, 76 3rd generation optical pursuit units, 64MB L2 cache, 256Bit memory interface width and 16GB memory capacity. These are also indistinguishable from the RTX 4080 desktop version.

But after all, it is a notebook GPU. Although it uses the same core, there are still some differences.

As can be seen from the above table, the base frequency of RTX 4090 Laptop is 1425MHz, and the acceleration frequency is 1815MHz. The video memory uses Samsung GDDR6 16Gps with lower power consumption. With 256Bit bit width, the video memory bandwidth can reach 576GB. TGP is 175W, which is much lower than the 320W of RTX 4080 Desktop.

Of course we know,Starting from the RTX 40 series, the TGP of the graphics card is just a power consumption wall, not the real power consumption of the graphics card. In fact, the RTX 4080 only needs more than 200 W of power consumption to release its full performance. So how much performance of RTX 4090 Laptop can be exerted with 175W power consumption is also something we are curious about!

Feel the tyranny of RTX 4090 Laptop! Thor ZERO 2023 Gaming Review: DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144%

As the killer feature of the Ada Lovelace architecture, the new DLSS 3 adds optical multi-frame generation technology on the basis of the original DLSS super-resolution to generate brand new frames instead of only generating pixels like the original.

The principle is to analyze the difference between the current frame and the previous frame, and obtain a new frame through the AI ​​algorithm. That is to say, on the basis of DLSS 2.0, DLSS 3 can directly double the frame rate of the game.

The delay generated by a frame generated out of thin air is bundled with NVIDIA Reflex to reduce the picture delay.

In order to make frame interpolation more realistic, DLSS 3 also introduces New Optical Flow Accelerator (optical flow accelerator), which can accurately calculate the light and shadow of two consecutive frames, as well as particle flow direction, speed and other information. More accurate shadow reconstruction effect.

Feel the tyranny of RTX 4090 Laptop! Thor ZERO 2023 Gaming Review: DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144%

In the absence of an optical flow accelerator, when objects move quickly, false shadows will be generated.

Feel the tyranny of RTX 4090 Laptop! Thor ZERO 2023 Gaming Review: DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144%

The optical flow accelerator captures information such as particles, reflections, and lighting in each pixel, and searches for matching pixel areas in the second frame, calculates the difference between frames, and finally obtains accurate shadow reconstruction.

Therefore, the frame insertion technology of DLSS 3 is not a frame generated out of thin air. For games that support DLSS 3 technology, you only need to open them without brains to enjoy high frame rates.

Feel the tyranny of RTX 4090 Laptop! Thor ZERO 2023 Gaming Review: DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144%

You can look forward to the RTX 4070 Laptop, which only needs the same 40W power consumption of the RTX 3050 Laptop to achieve the performance level of the RTX 3070 Laptop, which consumes 120W.

The 3 times energy consumption ratio is astounding!

PS We received the Raytheon ZERO 2023 sent by NV for testing. It is equipped with i9-13900HX processor, RTX 4090 Laptop GPU, and the performance release capacity of the whole machine is 195W.

The product in the comparison test is the MSI MSI Titan GT77 gaming notebook, which is configured with an i9-12900H processor and an RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU. It is the same as the RTX 4090 Laptop GPU, and its TGP is 175W.

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