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Faces are hard to see, and some Apple TV users have reported problems playing HDR content



According to news from IT House on January 24, according to feedback from Apple TV users on the Reddit community, Twitter social media and Apple Support Forum,There was a problem playing HDR content.The most common feedback from users is that the image is too dark or washed out.

IT Home learned that Apple TV should theoretically be able to see more brilliant colors when playing HDR content, and the exposure of dark areas (shadows) and bright areas (highlights) of the subject will be more even.

However, Apple TV users reported that there were problems with HDR content playback at the end of the update, errors in hue and color temperature, even blue shadows, and some strange situations. Even with color shift turned off and brightness and contrast adjusted, the problem persisted.

Users reported that it was difficult to see faces in HDR mode, and basic methods such as unplugging and replacing the HDMI cable did not solve the problem. According to someone on an Apple support forum, changing from 4K HDR at 60Hz to 4K HDR at 30Hz should fix the problem.

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