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Exposure to OnePlus Ace 2 mobile phone “enhanced” LPDDR5X memory, maximum 18GB+512GB storage



IT House reported on February 1 that the OnePlus Ace 2 new mobile phone will be released at 14:30 on February 7, positioning it as a “new benchmark for performance mobile phones”.

According to Weibo blogger @数码闲话站, OnePlus Ace 2 is equipped with Snapdragon 8+Gen 1 chip. Although the chip does not support it, it still uses LPDDR5X memory and supports 18GB+512GB large-capacity storage. Oga will also have a 16GB+1TB storage model at the back, and smartphones and tablets will all have large memory.

IT Home learned that LPDDR5X memory is the latest low-power memory standard for smartphones, tablets and laptops, supporting data transfer speeds of up to 8533Mbps, 33% faster than the fastest LPDDR5 memory.

According to the official warm-up,OnePlus Ace 2 is equipped with a full-blooded version of the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip, using OnePlus’ classic three-stage switch, with a centered hole-punched hyperboloid screen. OnePlus Ace 2 is equipped with an exclusive self-developed super-frame super-picture engine, with a full 120 frames for 100+ games.

According to the news, OnePlus Ace 2 is equipped with a 6.7-inch 1.5K 120Hz AMOLED perforated screen, with 8GB / 12GB / 16GB memory and 128GB / 256GB storage, front 16MP camera, rear 50MP+8MP+2MP three-camera combination, built-in 5000mAh The battery supports 100W charging.

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