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Enhanced team management, the fifth season of “Battlefield 2042” game “New Dawn” launched on June 7



News from IT House on May 27th, the game studio DICE announced today that it will launch the fifth season of the “Battlefield 2042” game “New Dawn” on June 7th, introducing new maps and new equipment.And the most important thing is the addition of team management options.

As previously announced by DICE, the fifth season of the Battlefield 2042 game has improved Squad Management and Squad Orders, and each squad can create and join different members.

IT Home hereby attaches the official introduction of the game as follows:

Head to the Czech Republic and you’ll be greeted with a hail of guns and bullets. In the new map “Rebirth”, go to an abandoned factory that has been reintegrated into nature and participate in the battle.

Expand your arsenal with the XCE Bar bolt-action rifle, GEW-46 assault rifle, and mighty BFP.50 pistol. Assemble the team, prepare three new types of grenades, and let the enemy see your sharp methods.

Play with a host of improvements, including a reworked vehicle readiness set, new weapon stations like thermal imaging technology and heavy anti-aircraft weapons, overhauled Vault weapons, and a reworked “Hourglass” map. The fifth season of Battlefield 2042, “A New Dawn,” will launch on June 7.

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