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Embarrassment: After the Netease server was shut down, Blizzard could not be uninstalled normally – IT HOME



News from IT House on January 25th, from 0:00 on January 24th, 2023,All national service Blizzard games officially cease operationincluding “World of Warcraft”, “Warcraft III: Remastered Edition”, “StarCraft” series, “Hearthstone”, “Heroes of the Storm”, “Watching Pioneer” and “Diablo III” are no longer available for login and play, Aroused heated discussions among players.

However, when the Blizzard gamers felt sorry for the shutdown of the game, embarrassing things happened. Because the server of NetEase (a NetEase subsidiary responsible for cooperation with Blizzard) was shut down,Blizzard’s game launcher “” can’t be uninstalled.

IT House test, uninstall Blizzard in the normal way,It will always stay on the uninstall interface and cannot complete the uninstall operation.

However, qualified players can also connect to the international server of Blizzard through the online game accelerator.Uninstall through the server of the international server. Unqualified players can only uninstall through unconventional means such as deleting files and registry, but it is not as clean as official means.

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