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Do you know the classic FC game “Three-eyed Boy”, hidden turkeys and spike bosses?



Before the game “Three-eyed Boy” became popular, we had watched its cartoons. At that time, the domestic translation was called “Three-eyed Boy”.

Therefore, even if we don’t understand Japanese when we play the game, we still know the story background in the game: the high-intelligence demon prince Saura has always wanted to conquer the world. He has amazing creativity and superpowers, and his weapon is called the red condor. Sharp and indestructible.

However, only Heden in the world can subdue him with bandages, so he has been sealed with bandages all year round with his third eye.

In the game, Sule uses three kinds of bullets and the red condor to start a rescue trip. In the end, the BOSS is also a member of the Sanmu tribe, and an ancient Sanmu prince, whose ability is superior to that of Shule, and uses He Deng’s body to act.

The setting of gold coins in the game is very interesting, which can be used for weapons, blood volume and life, and emergency bird 200 (purchased only in Hard mode). If the player is free, he can also maximize all the gold coins, and the money will be dozens of times more.

There are tons of hidden elements in the game, including hidden shops and hidden turkeys.

A hidden turkey

The gold coins under each chicken are different, but players can maximize them with bullets or red eagles. Of course, you must master the rhythm. If it is slow, it will have no effect, and if it is too fast, it will disappear.

If the space is narrow, you have to eat gold coins quickly, and if they disappear, there will be nothing

Level 2 Hidden Turkey

Hidden store in three levels

Back then, many players found this hidden store by mistake. There are not many players who don’t know about this hidden store.

hidden turkey

Four levels of hidden shops

If you missed this store, get ready to face the BOSS directly!

hidden turkey 1

It feels like there are hidden gold coins in every corner like this

hidden turkey 2

Although these hidden points seem to be in the corners, careful players will find the rules.Some places cannot be jumped over, need to use condor

Five levels of hidden turkey

There is a turkey in the scene before the BOSS, buy the equipment and prepare for the last battle.

Years ago, we were tortured to death by the mechanism and BOSS of this game, but it wasn’t until we saw the masters operating in recent years that we realized that these BOSS can be killed instantly as long as we master the method.

Seeing these operations, our childhood was destroyed like this without any scum.

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