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Desktop environment GNOME 44 released: Improved Settings app and Quick Setting menu



News from IT House on March 23,The GNOME team officially announced today the GNOME 44 desktop environment.The new version, codenamed “Kuala Lumpur”, features the web browser Epihaphy migrated to GTK4, enabling a new grid view when the app invokes the system GTK folder filter.

IT House learned from reports that GNOME 44 has further improved the Quick Setting function based on version 43. Users can connect and disconnect devices more easily through the Bluetooth button, and can easily view their status.

GNOME 44 also brings a lot of improvements to the Settings app (GNOME Control Center), which now supports sharing Wi-Fi connections via QR codes on the Wi-Fi panel, and the Date and Time panel introduces a new location picker, Kernel and About The panel shows the Firmware Version field, and the Default Apps panel can manage the default apps for SMS/Calling.

To learn more about GNOME 44, visithereLearn about changelogs.

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