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Dell registers new U2424 monitor: 24-inch small screen + four narrow sides



IT House News on May 3, Dell U2422 series monitors are about to usher in an update, Dell has registered a new U2424HE model, which is expected to be released soon.

The Dell U24XX series monitor is the entry-level model in Dell’s U-series high-end monitors, 24-inch 1080p 60Hz specifications, but with a beautiful four-narrow bezel design.

The Dell U2424HE model is expected to feature the latest 24-inch panel, likely 1080p 100Hz, with a full-featured USB-C port.

IT House searched on the e-commerce platform and found that the Dell U2422HX model is still on sale at a price of 1699 yuan.

JingdongDell (DELL) UltraSharp U2422HX Type-C15W mobile phone charging rotating lifting micro frame 1699 yuandirect link

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