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Daily Youxian was sued for arrears of 2.72 million service fees, involving contract disputes – yqqlm



IT House September 30 news,Daily Fresh was sued for defaulting on 2.72 million service fees, the Nanshan District People’s Court of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province announced to Beijing Daily Youxian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and other 5 Daily Youxian companies to serve copies of the indictment of the contract dispute case, court summons, etc. The plaintiff, Shenzhen Montnets Technology Development Co., Ltd., requested a judgment that the defendant should pay the overdue service fee of more than 2.72 million yuan and the overdue payment liquidated damages of more than 150,000 yuan.

Because the whereabouts of the defendant is unknown, the court issued an announcement to serve. The case is scheduled to go to trial on November 18.

IT Home understands that Daily Youxian is in the crisis of breaking the capital chain. Starting from July 27th, the main front-end warehouse business of Daily Youxian has been shut down nationwide, and then the products with the next-day delivery label are also displayed in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places “No stock at the current address. “. On the evening of July 28, after the daily Youxian thunderstorm, the app was no longer able to place orders, and the user’s stored value could not be refunded.

In response to the difficulty of refunds for consumers, the Beijing Consumers Association had an interview with Beijing Daily Youxian E-Commerce Co., Ltd. on August 4. At the meeting, the Municipal Consumers Association had asked Daily Youxian to properly handle consumer complaints and provide written feedback on the situation and rectification plans. The follow-up Daily Youxian responded that it had fed back the rectification plan to the Beijing Consumers Association. According to the introduction of Daily Fresh, customers can feedback problems through the customer service hotline and the app: A. Customers can call the customer service hotline 10106066 for feedback. B. After the customer logs in to the “Daily Fresh” App, click “My” and select “Customer Service and Help” to register online.

It is worth mentioning that on August 23, Xu Zheng, the founder of Daily Youxian, said that the company is “intensively promoting the business restructuring plan”.

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