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Cube game platform Xijiayi: “Ys: Origin”, “Dream Melody” and “Zen of Lines” choose one of the three for free-IT Home



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News from IT House on January 24th, the Cube game platform “Rabbit to Run” New Year special event has recently opened, during the period from January 18th to January 27th,You can choose one of three in “Ys: Origin”, “Dream Melody” and “Zen of Lines”get one of them for free.

“Ys: Origin” is the seventh role-playing game in the “Ys” series, and it is also the first game that does not feature “Red-haired Yatru”. “Ys: Origins” tells the story of Eunika Toba and Yogg Fact, Thor Fact’s journey in search of the “Black Pearl” and the Twin Goddesses hundreds of years ago in the ancient Ys Kingdom Slowly unravel the legend of the mystery hidden behind the tower.

The game is currently priced at RMB 15 and supports Chineseplayers who like nostalgic classic RPG games can try to play.

“Dream Melody” was released in 2016, the current price is 28 yuan, supports Chineseis an interesting music game. Players need to listen to the rhythm of the music and click according to the prompts, while avoiding some obstacles like a parkour game. However, the skater boy in the game is still carrying a young sister on his back , this is a game full of a touch of sadness, but it has a heart-warming picture.

“Dream Melody” is a game based on the music produced by famous composers, telling a beautiful love story. The heroine, Aya, is seriously ill, while the male protagonist, the skateboard boy Kaito, carries his beloved girl Aya on his back, constantly seeking for the beautiful bits and pieces in the dream, so that Aya can forget her own pain and smile at a brighter life.

“Zen of Lines” is a puzzle game produced by Gamious Studio.The current price is 7.5 yuan, supports Chinese.

The game style has a strong modern style. Players need to place or eliminate dots in the game to start a color race to fill the picture. The color that dominates the race wins. In addition, the game has a variety of modes, point, clear, rope, knife, mixed and infinite modes.

Friends of IT Home can choose their favorite games, but they need to register for a Cube game platform account first.

Choose one of three games:Click here to pick up

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