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Chrome is no longer slow for me: I’ll tell you what I did



One of the main problems with Google Chrome, and almost any modern web browser, is the high consumption of resources and RAM memory that it uses. As soon as we open a few websites, and install some extension, the memory usage already reaches several gigabytes. And it can go up much more the more we use the browser. Depending on the computer we have, it is very likely that, in the end, Chrome will be too slow, exasperating, and that will also affect the rest of the computer. Luckily, by following a few simple tips, it is possible to avoid it.

It is true that Google has worked hard to try to reduce memory usage in recent months. One of the latest innovations is the possibility of suspend all tabs that are not used to prevent them from being unnecessarily loaded into memory. But, despite these developments, Chrome is still an ordeal for all users who have relatively slow or old computers.

If you notice that Chrome makes your computer run slow, we leave you with a series of recommendations with which you can lighten it up and make websites load faster and the computer, in general, consume fewer resources.

Prevent Chrome from being open in the background

One of the options that are activated by default when installing the browser is the possibility that it stays open in the background. In this way it is possible to make it open faster when you double click on its icon. But it is not the best option for those who have a relatively old computer and want the PC to run as fast as possible.

To deactivate this option, we must open the Chrome Settings menu, and go to the “System” section. Here we will locate the option «Keep running apps in the background when closing Google Chrome“, and we will deactivate it. In this way we will avoid that, when closing the Chrome window, the process is still loaded on the computer.

Turn on hardware acceleration

In the same section where we were we can find a second option that may be of interest to us: «Use hardware acceleration when available«. Hardware acceleration takes advantage of the graphics card, which is more powerful than the computer’s processor, to process certain types of content. In this way, the CPU is more free and the computer in general will work better.

The fewer extensions, the better

Extensions are as useful as they are harmful. Although they allow us to provide the browser with functions that it does not include by default, accumulating many extensions in Chrome makes the browser take much longer to open, and that, once loaded, consume much more memory and much more processor than it already does. series, use

Therefore, it is recommended to try to use Chrome with as few extensions as possible. In this way we will save the maximum amount of memory possible, and our computer will work much better.

Start using Chrome from scratch

In case none of the above works, we may have something corrupted in our user profile. In that case, we can use Chrome’s reset option to start from scratch. This option will completely reset our profile and delete all our data and temporary files. We will have to log in again with our Google account to re-synchronize our data and continue using the browser normally. Although, after cleaning, it will go much faster.

Also, in this step, it is advisable to check that we have updated Chrome, and we can even try an alternative version, such as Chromium, or the Chrome Beta itself, to rule out other problems.

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