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ChatGPT reshape Windows, Microsoft Wang bomb update: full access to the operating system, Bing can also use plug-ins – Programmer Sought



overnight,Microsoft completely redefines PC interaction.

Because this time, it injects the capabilities of Bing and ChatGPT plug-ins into the entire Windows system!

This is what Microsoft launched in the just-concluded Build 2023 Windows Copilot.

With it, if you want to make your PC more suitable for work, you only need one simple action—— ask:

How can I tune my system to (better) do the job?

Then Windows Copilot “click” will give you 2 suggestions:

Turn on the Focus Sessions function (a new feature of Windows 11 that facilitates focused work).

Turn the system into dark mode.

At this point, if you think the suggestion is useful, just click “yes”,One KeyYou can make the system look like you want.

“Feed” the PDF on the desktop to Windows Copilot,summary documentThe content is just a matter of clicking the mouse.

Not only that, Windows Copilot can also talk to youAll the Apps in the computer come to a linkage. Ask it for example:

What kind of music is more suitable for listening to while working?

It will immediately recommend several music playlists to you in Spotify, and what we have to do is still a click.

and in variousplug-inWith the blessing of , such work as making a logo becomes a foolish “asking”, “clicking”, and “dragging”.

Microsoft also directly stated the purpose behind this move at the scene:

Make every user a power user.

Make every user a power user.

And for developers, perhaps the Windows Copilot gameplay will become more interesting.

Because it allows Bing or ChatGPT plugins to extend it.

After such a “big show”, netizens called out“AI will be everywhere”:

However, Windows Copilot is only a corner of the “new” in Microsoft Build 2023.

Bing, introduced to ChatGPT

From now on, not only GPT-4 is available in Bing, but Bing is also available in ChatGPT.

This mode is called “Search using Bing(Browsing with Bing)”, and the plug-in functions that have just been launched not long ago are in a list.

This feature has been turned on for plus users, and the free version will be launched soon.

After checking this mode, you can perform some Bing-basedreal-time queryup.

For example, ask ChatGPT:

This week’s Build conference, what to watch about .NET?

It can immediately return 1234 points, all of which are the latest answers provided by Bing search, and click on each one to enter the relevant web page.

It’s so convenient, isn’t it!A real search engine built directly into ChatGPT.

Not only that, but there is also great news——

Bing search also has plug-ins, and it has everything ChatGPT has.

Here are all the partners of the Bing plugin:

How’s the effect?

As an example, you can use the Zillow plugin (US online real estate company) to search for 3 nearby homes for sale under $1 million:

There are texts and pictures in the result, which is exactly the same model as ChatGPT’s plugin mode.

For another example, we know that in the Edge browser, you can directly summon the Bing chatbot to help you summarize web page information; now with the plug-in, you can unlock more functions.

For example, on the following recipe website, you can ask Bing to directly call the plug-in of the shopping website to help you buy additional ingredients with one click after summarizing the required ingredients.

In addition, focus on: desktop andMobile terminalYou can enjoy plug-in services.

Microsoft 365 Copilot has a plugin, too

Microsoft 365 Copilot, the so-called Microsoft Office family bucket connected to GPT-4, was released on March 17 this year.

Now, it can not only help you do your work by chatting with GPT-4, but also has a more efficient plug-in function.

For example, when you want to draft a contract in Word, you can introduce a practical “legal plug-in” to make the agreement more legal:

It can quickly find the corresponding paragraph and help you modify it.

If you are not sure whether a certain legal term involved in the article is also applicable in a certain region (such as California), you can call the “Westlaw” plug-in function to help you check:

Finally, we can also use the “Document Intelligence” plug-in to help you make a table to summarize what has been modified. This function can prevent unnecessary errors.

Looking at it this way, it is not a dream to draft a high-quality legal contract in minutes.More technical jobs can also be handed over to AI.

Microsoft released the ability to refine GPT-4

For developers, Microsoft’s latest cloud service release Azure AI Studio.

In short, it is the tool responsible for building, customizing, training, evaluating and deploying next-generation AI applications.

First, it simplifies the process of integrating external data sources into the Azure OpenAI service.

With just a few clicks, developers can now build their own “ChatGPT and GPT-4” on their own data.

Second, developers can also take advantage of new model catalogs, including Azure OpenAI Service, Hugging Face Hub, and various mainstream Open Source Models.

In addition to this, Microsoft has released the Azure Machine Learning prompt flow, which allows developers to more easily build promts while leveraging popular open source promt orchestration solutions such as Semantic Kernel.

The above is the main heavy content of this Microsoft Build conference.

However, according to Microsoft CEO Nadella, there are a total of about 50 “updates” this time. If you want to know more friends, you can click the link below to learn more:

One More Thing

Finally, friends who are interested in Windows Copilot should pay attention.

It will be available as a preview next month (i.e. from June 2023) only on Windows 11.

The registered address is as follows:

Reference link:

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This article comes from the WeChat public account:Qubit (ID: QbitAI)Author: Jin Lei Fengse Zephyr

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