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Can flexibly dodge and attack enemies, Twitch anchor Perrikaryal uses brain waves to play “Elden’s Circle” – small tech news



IT House News on January 24th, Twitch game anchor Perrikaryal recently designed a method to control game characters with brain waves.She uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor brain activity, and then maps specific types of brain activity to different actions in the game.

Perrikaryal’s goal is to get to the point where she can fully control the game character using only the EEG, but she says this will take a long time to develop and fine-tune.

IT Home learned that she uses specialized software to map different types of brain activity to various in-game controls, allowing her to summon allies, attack enemies, cast spells, and more without touching a physical controller.

In the demo released recently, she said that after a period of running-in, she basically realized operations such as avoiding damage and attacking enemies in the popular game “Elden’s Ring”.

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