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Bourg en Bresse. Marijuana and cocaine dealer “went” to prison



Most dealers downplay the facts at the stage of judging both the quantity sold and the number of buyers. The 21-year-old young man, who was tried on January 9 by the criminal court of Bourg-en-Bresse, did exactly the opposite. After being released from prison last August, why did he resume his “activities”? “I don’t know why. Yes, actually it’s about the money,” the defendant countered, before nearly becoming angry when faced with the President’s questions about his possible reintegration efforts: “Well, come on, judge me, we are for it’s here!”

Almost boasting of his six prison terms, he was not “tired” of the return either: “a little … but you put me there, you put me there! It’s not a solution, but here we are…”

The young man was arrested in a building in the Croix-Blanche area, in Bourg-en-Bresse, with 58 grams of marijuana and 650 euros. While in police custody, he admitted to having bought 2.5 kg of cannabis resin and 100 g of cocaine to resell to about fifteen customers. “It was a friend who gave me a €10,000 product loan. I knew him in prison.” Resell for how much? “Oh, cocaine is 80 euros per gram, like everywhere else.”

“We are even surprised if he does not add and does not boast”

The defendant, chained by detachment to surprising answers, is sure to. “It is true that he disarms. You even wonder if he adds to this and boasts. But he is a child who grew up in the house, and the prison runs the risk of further tying him to offenses, ”said Me Olivier Churlin, his lawyer.

Deputy Prosecutor Sophie Taupin was also surprised by the “transparency” of this defendant “with laconic and fatalistic answers”. Given her background, she requested ten months in prison, followed by detention.

The court followed suit.

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