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Bernard Werber’s “ants” are invading video games



Microids (Asterix, Tintin, Syberia…) have unveiled the first images of the video game adaptation of Bernard Werber’s novel Les Ants.

After Tintin, it is Les Fourmis who is about to release Microids into the video game arena. A French publisher unveiled on Tuesday the first images of the film adaptation of Bernard Werber’s bestseller, due out next year.

Roche Tower Five has been chosen to bring to life in pixels the story of an amazing heritage, an ant colony and the mysterious disappearances that occur.

Be an ant in exploration

Les Fourmis promises a strategic experience inspired by the Bernard Werber saga in three volumes. Basically, it will revolve around the world of ants and you will need to make your colony prosperous, explore, fight and make alliances with the local fauna to make its power speak and solve problems.

You have to embody an ant who went into battleYou have to embody an ant going into battle © Microids

When viewed from a third-person perspective, the 3D game puts the player in the shoes of an ant with its own combat and exploration abilities. The story follows the rhythm of the seasons, with adapted mechanics and game maps that evolve with the time of day.

Microids game will benefit from the fact that the design on Unreal Engine 5 will become even more beautiful, with even more realistic flora and environment thanks to photorealistic effects. The forest of Île-de-France was also chosen.

Ants will be available on all platforms in 2024.

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