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Baseus releases AeQur N10 wearable speaker: supports panoramic sound technology, starting at 249 yuan



IT House August 18 news, today, Baseus released two audio products, namely the AeQur N10 wearable speaker and the Baseus Bowie EX true coil-free iron headphones, the initial price is 249 yuan and 279 yuan respectively.

IT House learned that the Baseus AeQur N10 wearable speaker adopts a 138g lightweight design and uses medical-grade liquid silicone material, which is soft and gentle to the touch, completely fits around the neck, and can be adjusted freely.

also,Baseus and WANOS Atmos jointly developed an “Audio Gold Label”, supports BISA Baseus panoramic sound technology, BPT Baseus fixed-point position recognition acoustic technology and directional sound transmission technology, which can satisfy the experience of full-scene spatial sound effects. Directional sound transmission can protect privacy and immerse the experience without disturbing others.

Baseus Bowie EX True Coilless Iron Headphones adopts a coil-iron dual-unit coaxial integrated design, which supports Baseus’ instant flash charging, dual-channel low latency and smart dual-connection technology.

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