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Baseus launched a small popsicle power bank: 5200mAh capacity, built-in 20W fast charging line, the price is 129 yuan



IT House News on May 15th, the consumer electronics brand Baseus launched a new power bank, the appearance adopts the shape design of “popsicle” and the gradient two-color appearance, which is called “there will be a cool and refreshing feeling in the hot summer.” “.

The product model of Baseus’s new small popsicle charging treasure is PPKDC05Cbuilt-in 5200mAh battery capacity, mainly used for short-distance travel, the official data three-dimensional size is about 92.6×53.3×23.3mm, comes with a data cable, no need to carry an additional data cable when going out.

Image source: Baseus flagship store

In terms of performance, the Baseus Popsicle power bank supports 20W fast charging, supports mainstream fast charging protocols such as PD, QC, AFC, and FCP, and can provide fast charging services for most devices.There are two versions of wire materials, which are self-containedApple Lightning fast charging cableand comes with USB-C fast charging cabletaking into account iphone andandroidModel use.

Image source: Baseus flagship store

In addition to its own data cable, the charging treasure is also equipped with a USB-C fast charging interface. Among them, the cable and USB-C interface of the version with USB-C fast charging line support 18W input and 20W output; the USB-C interface of the version with Apple Lightning fast charging line supports 18W input and 20W output (IT Home Note: The built-in Apple Lightning cable does not support input).

At present, the products have been put on the self-operated flagship store of Baseus Tmall.The post-coupon price is 129 yuaninterested friends can go to check and buy by themselves.

TmallBaseus Popsicle Power BankBaseus Popsicle Power Bank 5000 mAh comes with a cable pocket mini capsule fast charging power bank ultra-thin compact portable suitable for Huawei Xiaomi Apple dedicated official flagship store authentic129 yuan after couponReceive a 20 yuan coupon

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