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Baidu posted pictures to crack down on counterfeiting: “Wen Xin Yi Yan” has not yet registered a social account – IT House



IT House news on February 9th, Baidu announced on February 7th that the name of its ChatGPT-like project is “Wen Xin Yi Yan”, and the English name is ERNIE Bot.

There are already many onlineA social media account under the name “Wen Xin Yi Yan”but the subject is another company or individual.

Regarding this phenomenon, Baidu officially released information to refute rumors tonight, saying: “Wenxin Yiyan has not yet registered a social account, and will officially meet with you in March. “IT House friends should also pay attention to such accounts and beware of fraudulent content.


▲ Picture source Baidu

According to previous revelations, the first website of “Wen Xin Yi Yan” will be directly connected to Baidu search. At present, it has been launched or internally tested in Baidu search, including multiple answer replies, intelligent generation, etc.

Baidu CEO Robin Li recently released the content of OKR (objectives and key results) for the first quarter of 2023 internally, and its key tasks are “Leading a Generational Change in the Search Experience“.

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