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Baidu network disk “Yiduo” intelligent assistant internal test: based on Wenxin large model, quickly find information through chat



IT Home News on May 27th, Baidu Netdisk announced that the “Yiduo Cloud” intelligent assistant has started internal testing, and can be accessed throughBaidu Netdisk PC client (latest version) or web versionMake an appointment.

IT Home has appointment steps:

The 2023 Vientiane Baidu Mobile Ecosystem Conference was held on May 25 at the Yuexiu International Convention Center in Guangzhou. Baidu Netdisk announced the launch of the “Yiduo Cloud” intelligent assistant based on the Wenxin model. “One cloud” can passnatural dialogueHelp users quickly find information in massive amounts of information, and directly convert it into required documents, abstracts, translation files, etc.

Wu Tianhao, general manager of Baidu Smart Cloud Network Disk Product Department, demonstrated the various capabilities of “Yiduo”, such as translating English financial reports into Chinese and converting documents from Convert PDF to Word format;Find out the photos, documents, invoices and other content required by the user according to the semantics;Add subtitles to videos and generate transcriptsrefine and add titles for each piece of content based on the manuscript.

At present, the number of individual users of Baidu Netdisk has reachedmore than 800 millioncorporate customersover 300,000with a total data size of 100 billion GB.

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