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Are you lazy or don’t have time to read an entire article? This app sums it up



Do you have to read a very long article and do not have time to do it? Were you asked to summarize some information, but you are too lazy to do so? we understand you sometimes you don’t feel like reading long articles, much less making a summary of them. Therefore, here we bring you a tool that can automatically make summaries for you and for free. Also, it has no character limit and you can reduce the texts to 30% or less.

So if you were looking for a online, free and automatic text summarizer, join us to meet the best of all. Soon we will explain how it works and how you can use it on your mobile or PC.

This is Resoomer: an automatic long text summarizer

Resoomer is a website that create automatic summaries of any text you paste into it. Its operation is very simple, since it consists of two text boxes: in the one on the left you paste the long text to be summarized (although you can also import a document) and in the right one the summary generated by the page will appear.

Can be used from a mobile, tablet or PC. In fact, for computers Resoomer has a browser extension that you can install from the following boxes.

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How to use Resoomer to automatically summarize long texts

The steps to create automatic summaries with Resoomer are the following:

  • Go to Resomer.
  • Paste the text you want to summarize into the text box on the left.
  • Wait a few seconds and your summary will appear in the box on the right.

Below the summary there will be several buttons: one to copy the summary, another to paraphrase text with web Paraphraztwo to download the abstract as a PDF or DOC, one to rewrite the abstract, and one to translate the text. And that’s it! So simple and easy to use in Resoomer.

We hope you find this tool useful useful, whether for work or study. When you try it, do not hesitate to tell us what you thought and if it met your expectations. Before you go, take a look at this other useful tool called PhotoRoom to remove backgrounds from photos.

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