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Are video games taking up too much space among our kids and teens?



Today is Wednesday, and like every Wednesday, we’ve given the floor to the youngest.

Once again, the teenagers took the microphone on the topic they wanted to touch on: video games. Screens take up a lot of space in our daily lives. Hatice, Lukas, Yannick and Daniela, students of the Pierre Adt College in Forbach, are they geeks?

Sound #1: Are video games taking up too much space for our kids and teens?

Do you play or have you ever played video games?

– During my imprisonment, I played a lot. It’s what I like, but I don’t play it all the time.

– Not really, I’ve already played MarioKart, but it’s not exactly what I prefer.

– Every evening, around 1 o’clock.

Whether it’s for health, for the mind, for mood, are video games dangerous?

– In the sense that if we abuse it, it can cause psychological damage to us, which can sometimes be irreversible. So you really have to be careful with this, and you shouldn’t leave the controller out in the open.

– Yes, it can play on the mood, it can push them to commit acts that they will later regret.

Are video games stressful or relaxing?

When you start playing and don’t overuse him, he can relax. But when you spend the day there, in my opinion, you abuse it, and it does not relax you at all.

Do you yourself meet the age requirement for games?

– Yes. But there are also parents who do not respect their children.

– Well, not me at all. I didn’t respect the age group. My parents didn’t follow me because they trusted me and knew I wasn’t going to insult them.

Can you name other causes of health problems?

Obesity. And I know how we could fight, it would be to play physical games like Just Dance.

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