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Are photographers also “patriarchal society”



I wish you all a Happy New Year.

When I was working on policies for the parents of first-year high school students, many parents said that our family is a girl, who is not good at science or math, and it is better to study liberal arts.

At this time, I would say, don’t confuse scientists with high school physics and chemistry. There are indeed few women in scientists, but girls in high school physics and chemistry still score high. And, liberal arts, right? You list all the writers, historians, philosophers, and poets in your mind, how many women are there?

Indeed, it is undeniable that this world is indeed a male-dominated world, but this does not mean that women cannot be successful, and there are more successful women.

Today, we’re going to focus on women photographers in the photography world.

Indeed, the photography world is like many fields. At first glance, it looks like men, and many editors who are the strongest photographers in history are basically men. However, this is not all of the photography world,There are many very good female photographers in history, and there are many fierce men among them.

In the past, girls always asked me if girls are not suitable for taking pictures, and I said, haven’t you seen that the most profitable photographer in China is a woman?

(Sarah Moon)

The art of photography was born less than 200 years ago, and most of its development took place in modern society. This is an era that advocates equality between men and women. Therefore, in the art of photography, the number and quality of female photographers are considerable.

In the old days, both the East and the West did not give women enough stage to play. Discrimination against women was common, and their talents were not buried because of the times.

But in modern times, women’s artistic talents have been brought into full play.

Today we will talk about a few interesting female photographers.

In a feudal country like Japan, it is possible to haveIshiuchiSuch a photographer is a miracle in itself.

Now the Kimura Awards have become a world of female photographers. Six of the seven winners in the past five sessions are women, and they will also be women in 2022.

However, before the explosion of women in 2000, there was only one female winner of the Kimura Award, and that was Ishiuchi. In 1978, she won the fourth award. Today, our head picture is taken by her.

Ishiuchi was originally named Fujikura Yoko. When she won the grand prize for her street photography in 1978, the judges didn’t even know she was a woman. I read the memories of Asahisha’s editors later, if Ishiuchi knew that she was all women and wore tinted glasses, then she might not have won the award. Before the new century, the Japanese believed that photography was a man’s business. In the past, even famous foreign female photographers were reluctant to write more.

These photos are from her 1990 work “1947”. She was born in 1947 and is full of impact.

Although her work is influenced by some American photography in the 1980s, most of the works of other Japanese photographers of the same type appeared after the 21st century.

In addition, she is also very famous for taking pictures of rags, much earlier than Hiroshi Sugimoto’s shooting of waste by the sea.

Ishiuchi’s works are actually very masculine. She is also stubborn by nature. She is friends with Araki and Moriyama’s generation, and she is the only woman in that generation of “madmen”.

In the past, the most profitable commercial photographers in China were women, and it is the same in the world.If it was 10 years ago, not many people would put her in their photography history, but now, if you don’t Annie Leibovitz(Annie Leibovitz), that’s not okay. You were very unprofessional if you released Anne 10 years ago, and you are also very unprofessional if you don’t release Anne 10 years later, because she has great influence and was once the most expensive commercial photographer in the world.

Although it is foreseeable that Annie will not enter art series such as PHOTOPOCHE, as far as the photographer itself is concerned, she not only has excellent commercial photography skills, but also has a love for life and life.

Unlike many commercial photographers who become famous as soon as they become famous, Annie always makes people feel that this person is ordinary and not particular. She always knows what she wants, which is amazing for a commercial photographer.

To be honest, Annie Leibovitz has no artistic talent, and her works are professional and neat, and highly reproducible. College students who want to take the direction of art probably don’t like her photos. But she is so passionate about photography that some even call her Female Cash.

Of course, there are also female photographers with outstanding artistic sense,Sarah Moona famous French female photographer, her past career was a model.

While she’s also a well-known commercial photographer, she’s much better at messing around. Annie Leibovitz satisfies her customers when she takes money, but Sarah Moon, whether she takes money or not, pleases herself first.

For example, she would shoot this kind of thing in 2008, which is something you don’t see in most commercial photographers. Friends who often look at art photography will find her works very interesting.

If you think about it rationally, you would think that Sarah Moon must be messing around, surely it is impossible to give this kind of thing to the client?

But if you experience it emotionally, you will find that this is what makes you comfortable, and that kind of high-definition, exquisite commercial photos will only make you feel a little boring.

So I used to say that PHOTOPOCHE put Sarah Moon in because she is French, but not all because she is French.

(Inge Mroath)

On the list of photographers of Magnum Photos, there are a total of 16 official female members in 75 years. Although many are newcomers who have joined in recent years, there are also Inge Mroath, Martine Frank, such old people, especially Inge Mroath, He joined the photo agency in 1953.

We can see many sides of the world through the lens of female photographers in Magnum. Just like their predecessors, they also travel through mountains and rivers, shoot for a long time, and shoot in large quantities to show us all sides of human nature. In my public Many have also been introduced on the number.

There is a story behind every set of works of Magnum photographers, even behind every picture.

(Eve Arnold)

(Sabiha Çimen)

(Nanna Heitmann)

There are still many female photographers in the world. Maybe I will organize a few articles in the future and introduce them to you.

I think there is no gender distinction in front of photography. The quality of a photo does not depend on who took it, whether it was taken by a man or a woman, but on what it took and what its content is. In fact, we often put the cart before the horse. We first study the additional conditions, and then deal with things with the already assumed answers. Just as the ancient society assumed that women could do nothing well when they had nothing.

People always use additional conditions to measure things, and use labels to cover up their ignorance and shamelessness. They don’t know that in this modern 21st century, and even the future 22nd century, human beings can change this bad habit, recognize themselves, and seek truth from facts , returning to the value of the thing itself.

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