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Appreciation of the classic red and white machine game “Dragon Tooth” – IT House



Original title: “The classic red and white machine game “Dragon Tooth”, no one passed the level back then”

Speaking of the FC game “Dragon Tooth”, I believe many players have come into contact with it. This classic game developed by sammy also made many players crazy about it in the FC era.

However, since what we played back then were all failed pirated versions, most players could only play one level repeatedly, even if they killed the BOSS, they had to return to the beginning and start again.

At that time, the cassettes were dozens or hundreds of games, and there were usually many repetitive games. However, in these repeated games, there is a slight change. For example, Contra will have 30 lives + S gun, 30 lives + L gun, 3 lives + white bullet… and many other options for combinations.

Each option of Dragon Tooth is a different level. Therefore, when we play this game, we usually change the next option and go directly to another level.

But now players can play the original dragon tooth on the emulator, and can pass the level directly.

The biggest feature of Longya is its transformation. In the game, we can transform into various creatures: tigers, sea scorpions, birds, and dragons, which can be used for different purposes in each level.

And each animal has a corresponding weapon. When the player eats the right weapon, he can transform into the desired animal.

Shuriken: Tiger, which is what we call a dart, although it hits far, its power is the worst

Chains: Sea scorpions, chains have limited attacks, but their power is slightly higher than that of shurikens, and it is also not easy to use against bosses.

Gun: Eagle, the gun (looks like a stick) is extremely powerful, but the attack distance is very short, so you can only fight hand-to-hand. If you can’t kill the boss, you have to die yourself.

Knife: Flying Dragon, the most powerful weapon, even the final boss can’t hold it for a few hits, other bosses can be dealt with in two or three hits.

The tiger jumps high flexibly, and can freely adjust the falling position in the air. The damage judgment is relatively small, and the attack penetrates the screen, but its power is average.

The flying dragon is the most powerful in the game, if there are two players, they will transform into flying dragons at the same time. The flying dragon has a time limit, after which it will return to its original form.

Sea scorpions are suitable for underwater scenes, they can move freely, shuttle at will, and their attack distance is limited

Birds are the only creatures that don’t attack. Birds can be used to fly directly in many scenes in the game. Even another player can stand on the bird and fly over together.

The most dissatisfied part of the game is that it is very troublesome to restart after death.

This way of starting makes the game more difficult, which is very headache.

There are five major levels and ten smaller levels in the game.The six bosses are all alien creatures

These bosses are best dealt with with guns and knives, but they are also more dangerous. If you don’t kill the boss within three moves, you will be in trouble.

A level BOSS

Second level BOSS

Three level BOSS

Four level BOSS

Five small bosses

Big Boss of five levels

In fact, there are many games worth recalling in FC games, and the editor will present them to you one by one in the later stage.

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