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Appreciation of Arcade Game Combination Killing, Defeat of all kinds of BOSS – IT HOME



Combined nirvana, also known as combined nirvana, is generally a nirvana performed by two or more people. The special effects of this kind of nirvana are more amazing, and the damage is higher than that of ordinary super nirvana, but they can only appear in some fixed games.

Today, the editor will share with you some amazing combined nirvana.

“NEOGRO Arena”

This game was originally released on the PS2 platform, and then ported to the XBOX360, which is very popular abroad. Therefore, there are many domestic players who have played this game.

Many players have heard of NBC, this is the game.

The participating characters in the game are all popular characters in major games, and the combination of these characters is their famous stunt.

Among them, what surprises the players the most is the technique of exterminating the gods that Kusanagi and Yagami cooperated with: the three gods skills

“Super Heroes VS Capcom”

Back then, this game was very popular in arcade halls, but when we played it, we could cancel it during the super kill and pick up other kills, just like “Street Fighter EX”.

But the editor tried many times on the simulator, but I couldn’t find the original feeling.

If the player wants to experience the thrill of combining and killing, he must choose a match when selecting a player, so that he can concentrate on the target. Otherwise, if one hits the sky and the other hits the ground, it won’t do much damage.

Tekken X Street Fighter

This game was released after Street Fighter IV, with smooth movements, rhythmic strikes, and gorgeous animations… The combo is very simple, just press the button, it was a rare high-quality game back then.

It is also a rare fighting game in which you can release super kills by accumulating power.

In the game, any two people can play a combined kill, which is very exciting.

“Midnight Killing”

In the novice period, when two people play together, this scene will often appear inexplicably, and the damage is not bad

After players become masters, they no longer bother to use this trick

“Electric God and Puppet”

The biggest highlight of the game is this, energy can be stored at any time, and big moves can also be released at any time.

All characters, as long as two people have enough energy, can play various nirvana.

The effects of SFC and arcade are different, compared with SFC, it is even better, and interested players can study it.

“Journey to the West”

We were still beginners back then, and we didn’t know how to use Qiankun Wave Gong at all, so what should we do?

So the four players recklessly stored energy, and then released the combined nirvana, which can not only clear the soldiers, but also fight the boss.

But most players die in one level and one life, and there is not enough time.

The red boy in the second level is too small, all the players go to the top card slot, and then use Feitiansha and sweep away the army…

When playing the mouse king, use the lion’s roar, the damage is high and the time is enough.

The Bull Demon King is best to use the long-term combination to kill, sweep away thousands of troops and enchant the soul

“Three Kingdoms”

The combination of killing in this game is more casual. Not really a fit.

But with good cooperation, the boss had almost no chance to fight back, and was taken away directly.

“Manga Heroes VS Capcom”

The four protagonists of the famous general reappeared and became the protagonists of this game

The captain’s super kill is to call everyone to play the super kill

Captain’s Sword

deadly storm

“Excalibur Fumolu”

It can be said that this game truly shows the special effects of the combination and killing.

However, the following conditions must be met in order to perform a combined nirvana.

1. Chaotic Square Array: B+B, more than 2 people

2. Dou Qi Chong Xiao Formation: People with → B can start together, more than 2 people

3. Nine-turn Yanjue: Icejue + Yanjue ↑ B ↓ B, more than 2 people

4. Tiangang Juren Strike: Boyan + B, 3 or more people

5. Nirvana Blue Demon Claw: Spirit Spider Heart-eating Claw + B, more than 3 people

5. Eight vertical and horizontal formations: ↓→ B+↓→ B, more than 2 people

6. Ghost Sword Shilong Formation: Ghost Pao Ding + B, more than 2 people

7. Lengjian Huiyue Formation: Hongxia+ Any kill, more than 2 people

8. Lingshen Wujun Palm: Fandong Tianlong Palm + Great Compassion Frost Palm, 4 people fixed

There are still many combined kills that are not mentioned in the game. You are welcome to add them. The editor will improve them in the next article.

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Arcade Feelings (ID: JJQH66)by Our Arcade Age

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